SMT has Passed the Trademark Registration

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Recently, the Sino-Euro Materials Technologies of Xi'an Co. Ltd. (Sino-Euro) received the certificate of trademark registration approved and issued by the trademark office of the state administration for industry and commerce. The company started to apply for trademark registration of "Sino-Euro" since Sep. 2016, finally completed after one year, which means the product label, service, and marketing activities named by "Sino-Euro" would be involved in trademark protection.

The trademark registration plays a significant role in the company's development. Nowadays, the market competition is not only in technology and quality, but also pays more attention in brand image. The successful trademark registration of "Sino-Euro" effectively preserves the trademark from being illegally registered, which can bring invisible wealth to the company, furthermore, expand a promising development for the market.

Sino-Euro company always thinks highly of the protection of the independent intellectual property and has successfully passed the AS9100 Quality System Certification, the Intellectual Property Management System Audit, the ISO13485 Medical Device Quality Management System Certification till now. The successful trademark registration of "Sino-Euro" gives a big support for the company's marketization and branding, makes a significance for increasing the market popularity and brand influence, meanwhile, lies a good foundation for the company to expand national and international market

SMT has Passed the Trademark Registration

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