Sino-Euro Announces Receipt of AS9100D Certification for Space and Aviation Industries

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Xi'an, China 7th June, 2018:

Sino-Euro Materials Technologies of Xi'an Co. Ltd (Sino-Euro), a high-tech company specializing in Powder metallurgy, including Prealloy Spherical SS-PREP® Powder, Additive Manufacturing Wire and HIP components & service, today announced receipt of AS9100D Certification for Space, Aviation, and Defense Industries.

Sino-Euro General Manager, Mr. S.J. Liang Commented:

Received AS9100D Certification is another milestone for Sino-Euro.

The AS9100D certification is a standardized quality management and quality assurance system specifically developed for the astronautics and aeronautics. This standard revises the previous issue, AS9100C. New requirements emphasize the prevention of risk and counterfeit parts, providing a structure that enables businesses to adapt to change, planning for obsolescence, and addressing product safety concerns. In Space and Aviation industries, most customers will require this Certification and will only do business with vendors that are AS9100D compliant.

Receiving this Certification, represents Sino-Euro moves into another significant step. The third-party's validation makes Sino-Euro's quality commitment more compelling so that Sino-Euro could provide the highest quality products and services to our customers.

Sino-Euro is not only ISO 13485 certified, but also AS9100D compliant. Since aerospace and biomedical industries is our target markets, equipped with these quality systems and ourselves' rigid quality control system, Sino-Euro provides customers with the confidence they need and ensures that Sino-Euro meets their highest standards. In addition, Sino-Euro is strictly dedicated to the production of Ti-6Al-4V powder for this purpose.

About Sino-Euro Materials Technologies of Xi'an Co. Ltd (Sino-Euro)

Sino-Euro, based in Xi'an, China, set up China's first ultra-high speed plasma rotating electrode atomization SS-PREP® spherical metal powder industrial production line for the production of Titanium, high temperature preparation of spherical metal alloy powders, engine blades processing services, development and production of powder metallurgy parts and wire for additive manufacturing and also HIP components & service. Sino-Euro is a subsidiary of China's key research institute: Northwest Institute for Non-ferrous Metal Research (NIN). Sino-Euro has achieved international quality management system (ISO9001) international aerospace quality management system (AS9100D) and international medical application quality management system (ISO13485).

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